Cheers to the Miss Standing Under the Table Doing Karate / 2012-2014 / Apple and abachi wood / Produced and presented while on residency at Rupert, Vilnius (LT)

The sculpture originates from the text "Thinging" written in collaboration with Jurgis Paškevičius in 2012:

You came to me and said let's make a chair. Then you realized the chair could be cheers. And with cheers we have a glass, and we need a place to put the glass so we need a table. But it's perfect too, because chairs are often with tables. So here we are, Cheers and Tables. What a great misunderstanding! Cheers to Miss Understanding! Ah, but the Miss is standing under too. She's standing under the table. Cheers to the Miss standing under the table! But how can a Miss stand under a table, the table is too low for a Miss, unless the Miss is very tiny or it's a very big table, but this is just a normal table, it has legs, legs Like the Miss. But what if this is not a real Miss but a representation of the Miss? She could be made of stone, like a caryatid. A what? A caryatid; a column in the shape of a woman. Karate? Yes she's doing karate! Cheers to the miss standing under the table doing karate! But what now? What could it become? Is it an illustrative conversation? It is more than just an illustration. What is it for you, this cheers? It is at once a potential object and at the same time a story. And for you? A language tool for sculpting secrets.