"There are Always at Least Two Ways of Looking Through a Loophole" / Performance by David Bernstein / Presented at Walden Affairs, The Hague (NL)

Featuring works by: Mike Bailey, Hrafnhildur Helgadóttir, Sophia Holst, Joost Nieuwenburg, Mischa Poppe, Reynir Þór, Jennifer Teets, and Marianne Theunissen

A touring performance happens through a connected building complex. We begin with a host introducing us to the concept of the loophole and a mentalist magician reads our minds. We move onto the balcony and through a window into someone's home. We come back to the balcony to glance at an optical illusion, the mentalist has now become a tiny man on a large chair. A pizza theory lecture is given and we head downstairs into a former restaurant where we find three unfolding objects. They objects are placed in different positions while a conversational poem is spoken. We conclude by going to the furthest part of the backyard garden where a lingering goat toast is told from a facebook post of Jennifer Teets.

Title suggested by Mark Geffriaud, Photos by Gaby Felten

Reminder / 2014 / Found object placed on wall

Corner Window / Sophia Holst / 2014 / Cast plaster

Reynir Þór, Our Host

Mike Bailey, The Mentalist

Wish Box / 2014 / Wooden screens, paint, wheels, wishes

Pizza Theory

Opening Chair / 2014 / Reconfigured adult and child's chair

Joost Nieuwenburg and Mischa Poppe in an object conversation

Drawings by Marianne Theunissen placed on Hrafnhildur Helgadóttir's structure

Double Rieškutės / 2013 / Ash wood, leather, air

Display Box / 2010 / Ink on paper