I & I / 2021 / Solo performance exhibition / Presented at Artist Club Coffre Fort, Brussels (BE)

Featuring collaborations with: Amber Vanluffelen, Ana Maria Gomez, Styrmir Örn Gudmundsson, and Zhou Junsheng

I & I was an exhibition as a performance, using different works of art as subjects to tell a multilayered story. The themes were: 'I's and eyes, how one relates to others and to themselves, colonialism, religion, death, and afterlife. There were 3 chapters with the first taking place outside a window display, showing a Mark Manders copy with one eye removed from each figure. The figures were imagined to be ice cream colonialists who were famous for their 'overstanding' philanthropy. The second chapter was inside where the Huis Museum collection was on view. The Huis Museum, is my personal collection of art and curious things. Different objects in the collection were used to speak about a meeting of eyes on the New York metro. The final chapter took place inside the coffre fort (French for safe), which was turned into a tea house. There the subject of inside/outside was explored through different ideas in Buddhism. The one-eyed Daruma object was explained and the performance was concluded with John Giorno's poem "God is Man Made".

The performance was for 3 visitors at a time, offering hospitality and intimacy, constantly slipping between the casual and the scripted.

Brochure of the exhibition including list of people who had things on display from the Huis Museum.

Photos by Lola Pertsowsky, with thanks to the visitors: Ana Wery, Theo Wery, and Bas van den Hout. Videos by Armand Morin and Jokūbas Čižikas, with thanks to the visitors: Kianoosh Motallebi and Henriette Gillerot. This project was made possible thanks to the support of The Mondriaan Fonds.