To Half Sell A Duck / 2022 / Solo performance exhibition / Presented at 8 Track, Brussels (BE)

To Half Sell A Duck is an exhibition and performance that brings together a constellation of works around the theme of queer religious futures. David explores "Judeo-Futurism", reclaiming historical symbols of oppression by rethinking them and placing them into joyful and perverted fantasies. Guests are guided through the exhibition with a performance that tells a story about a radical priest who makes kinky paintings, the creation of a Golem who fights canards, and an encounter with the artist Danh Võ who asks David to cut up a 16th century wooden Jesus into pieces.

Photos by Sid Dankers. Folding screen by Sophia Holst, Fashion by CFGNY, all other works by David Bernstein. Thanks to all the visitors and special thanks to: Everyone from 8 Track, M. Maria Walhout, Felix Kalmenson, Batsheva Ross, SLS, Gary Farrelly, my family, Boris Steiner, Danh Võ, Judaism Unbound, Batya Levine, Sun Ra, Roel Jacobs, Marcel Duchamp, Renato Settembre, Shabbes 24/7, Rabbi Benay Lappe, Rabbi Deborah Waxman, Naomi Lubrich, Richard Sipe, Kara M. French, and all the friends who've helped in the research process over the past 2 years. This project was made possible thanks to the support of The Mondriaan Fonds and Vonk.