Zenwacky / 2015 / Solo exhibition at Galerie van Gelder, Amsterdam, NL

With guest works by: Jokūbas Čižikas, Laurent-David Garnier, Sophia Holst, Robertas Narkus, Fort Standard, and Jay Tan. Curated by Rieke Vos
Special thanks to Gediminas G. Akstinas

For the exhibition, a text titled "Zenwacky" was written in collaboration with David Kirshoff.

Zenwacky is an approach, a way of seeing, an aesthetic philosophy – it’s the third side of the coin, a flipped interrobang at the beginning of a sentence, the answer to the question that we were not asking. Serious and silly, slaphappy and sincere, enlightened absurdity, focus and pocus, earthy and fluorescent.

Storytelling: Jay Tan

Tuna Roll or a Nut: Robertas Narkus

Bell: Sophia Holst

no w here: Jokūbas Čižikas

Bottle Opener: Fort Standard

P.U.M.A.: Laurent-David Garnier