I want to shake your hands, 2012
Performance, 30 min.
Presented in 4 repetitions on September 23 for the exhibition Type & Characters at Lettergieterij, Amsterdam

Curated by: Paul Gangloff
Actors: Sophia Holst, Styrmir Örn Guðmundsson, Chris, Liza, and Noam.
Special thanks to: the audience, the actors, Re'em Aharoni, Marianne Theunissen, Gaston, Ruud, Wandana, and M4Gastatelier.

A story telling tour is made through the former type factory in 3 movements using residents from the building as performers. The work exists as a constellation of parts (stories, poems, gestures, and objects) all reflecting on the ritual of handshaking.

The 1st movement begins in the Marble Hall, where I tell a story of how I want to meet a man called "The Marble Man" and how the performance will help me practice the handshake I will eventually do with him.

The 2nd movement is to the inner courtyard where a poem is told, then two people emerge from the audience to have an impromptu conversation about Cliche. Suddenly two girls emerge and sit on a seesaw. They go back and forth with philosophical questions and proclamations regarding equality and inequality. They remain linked through a double spatula object. In-between their voices, a man out of a window blasts a saxophone composition based on the shofar call and response in the Jewish new year ceremony.

The 3rd movement is to the roof, first in a small glass room where a poem about meetings is told, and last onto the very top roof for a collective handshake agreement, where a photo is taken. The agreement is to make an artwork, and to make the artwork, all one needs to do is to agree and make the symbolic shake.