Who’s knocking at my door?, 2012
TV Series, Episode 1,2,3
Produced for De Appel Art Center’s exhibition, “Three Artist’s Walk Into a Bar”
by jugedamos (Jurgis Paškevičius, Géraldine Geffriaud, and David Bernstein)

Jugedamos is a language system based on the looseness of both understanding and misunderstanding. It is an inner logic to filter and master information in an unpredictable movement.

“Who’s knocking at my door?” is a TV program distributed through live vocal performances. Each episode consists of an interview with an artist at a specific location in Amsterdam. The locations are chosen to evoke the artist’s practice: a color (the neon pink of café Nol was the setting of the meeting with the artist Styrmir Orn Gudmundsson), a metaphor (a boat on the canal with the artist Balthazar Berling), and a concept (a secondhand shop in a farmhouse with the artist Audrey Cottin). After recording the interviews, we edit the video, watch it and memorize the main scenes, actions and characters. Based on memory and free interpretation, the video is transcribed into a script. Each episode is performed and distributed through our voices as a primitive broadcast system. The performances took place in a private home that was rearranged for each episode. We mixed different forms of storytelling to create various temporal ruptures in the narration.