Spatula / 2011 - ongoing / sculptures and collection / presented: Rongwrong, Amsterdam (NL), 2013; Burnelė at CAC, Vilnius (LT), 2013; Frutta, Rome (IT), 2013; Survival K(n)it, Riga (LV), 2015; Valerie Traan Galerie, Antwerp (BE), 2016; Nest, The Hague (NL), 2016

What started as a symbol, became an obsession and when I look for spatulas, I see them everywhere. The spatula came from a therapy game called the “spatula game” from 20th century psychologist, Donald Winnicott. In it, a spatula is placed on a table in reach of a child. The child grabs it and starts to play. It starts to imagine the spatula transforming into something else, perhaps an airplane waved around in delight. Now that it sees an airplane, it can think of what an airplane can do, it can think through the imagined thing. So the spatula allows us to both extend our body to reach further, but also to extend our mind further because we can now think through the thing.

"But what is the difference between thinking and thinging? Thinking is just the thin king."

Painting by Francis Picabia

Exhibition at Nest, The Hague (NL), 2016

Exhibition at Survival K(n)it 7, Riga (LT), 2015