Karaoke Police: Oxymoron / 2015 / Performance / Collaboration with Monika Lipšic, Marija Olšauskaitė, Jurgis Paškevičius, featuring Jokūbas Čižikas, Gunnar Gunnsteinsson, Brynjar Helgason and Olga Tsvetkova / Presented at Kunstverein Amsterdam during SPF15

A storytelling tour about opposites and the origin of the word 'Oxymoron'. A failed scientific experiment to make a moron smart by adding oxygen into his head results in a man who can only think in contradictions. He searches for love, but only finds people who either love him when he is smart, or are charmed when he is stupid, but never both. He is doomed until one party when he meets a couple and finds love in three.

This is the third performance of Karaoke Police, for the first two:
Karaoke Police: A Game of Oppositions (Vilnius, 2013)
Karaoke Police: Great Minds in the Headless Park (Rome, 2014)