A Floating Art Space Inside of a Building / 2016 / duo exhibition with Suat Ögüt / presented at Corridor Project Space, Amsterdam (NL)

Performance at the opening and finissage by Slim Denken.
Special exhibition text by Christine Bax

The exhibition brought together different elements from each artist finding ways of blending artworks into a total experience. The starting point was the wind and the way the wind connects us all both physically and metaphorically. Through the air we breathe, we share our collective consciousness, our dreams, our grief, and hopes for a better future.

Higrowtherewegraph Model for a Future CCC is a fictional architecture model for a dream building, a Contemporary Community Center. Inspired by architect Lino Bo Bardi’s project, SESC Pompéia in Sao Paolo, the CCC combines: art, sports, swimming, Kamer van Concepts, affordable cafe, sauna wellness center, library, theater, voluntary school, self-luminous society meditation center, and astrological observatory. The model is dynamic, recording and listening to our thought particles in the air, growing together with the ideas we give it.

Lina Bo Bardi
SESC Pompéia: Lina Bo Bardi


Slim Denken 






In Remembrance of Williwaw
Suat Ögüt: In Remembrance of Williwaw