Nappezoid / 2016-2017 / Performance, painting (copy of a Chinese copy of a Dutch painter's copy of a Japanese wood block print), wooden blocks, trappezoids / Presented: Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam (NL), 2016; That Might Be Right, Brussels (BE), 2017; P/////AKT, Amsterdam (NL), 2017; The Community, Paris (FR), 2017

Slim Denken, a cosmic cowboy transcendental meditation leader, presents you with a new opportunity for investment; Nappezoid, a napping application. Nappezoid is a start up company kind of like AirBnB, but with an extra B for Better. Why rent out your bed for 1 person per day, when you can have 3 people for 8 hours each, or 8 people for 3 hours each, or 48 people for 30 minutes each. You can maximize efficiency, which is better for the environment, and for your wallet. No more starving for the Vincent van Goghs of the world.

Presented at "Museum Nacht"
Vincent van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam (NL), 2016

Presented at "Between The Sheets"
That Might Be Right, Brussels (BE), 2017

Presented at "Because most of the cosmos is compost"
P/////AKT, Amsterdam (NL), 2017