Exotic Removal, 2011
Presented at SommerKampf organized by Stephen Wuensch
2 week installation of ever changing arrangements.

On June 22, I carried a crushed New York City trash can to Piermont, New York. As an outsider of Piermont, this exotic object was meant to be shared as the first gesture, the first word in a conversation with the town. This was not a verbal conversation, but rather an improvised object conversation. All who attended were invited to contribute to the conversation by bringing an object of their own which they wished to meditate on from a distance. Throughout the two weeks of the exhibition, I continuously rearranged the objects on display, building new relationships and actively generating meaning through juxtaposition and combination. For the opening reception on June 26th, I invited The artist Ray Ray Mitrano to perform a conversation piece with me in the space. Having recently moved from Brooklyn to a farm in New Paltz, Ray Ray met me halfway at Sommerkampf, suggesting a dialog between city and the rural, removal and return.

<em>Wowie Zowie</em>
: Wowie Zowie

<em>City Grid Adaptation</em>
: City Grid Adaptation

<em>Organic City</em>
: Organic City